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Udara hangat menyelimuti kota Seoul, menandakan akan datangnya pergantian musim. Matahari secara perlahan keluar dari persembunyiannya, membangunkan warga kota Seoul dengan sinarnya yang hangat.

"Hoaaahm…", Kang Jiho, seorang karyawan coffee shop yang belum lama keluar dari wajib militer, terbangun dari tidurnya bersiap menjalankan aktivitasnya. Ia beranjak dari kasurnya hendak menuju ke kamar mandi. Langkahnya sejenak tertahan ketika ia melihat Yoon Daehee, sahabatnya, tengah melamun sambil menatap sebuah pot berisi tanaman tomat yang terletak di dekat jendela ruang tamu.

"Apa yang kau lakukan?", tanya Jiho sembari memperhatikan Daehee.

"Menurutmu…tomat itu termasuk ke dalam jenis buah atau sayuran?", tanya Daehee tiba-tiba.

"Hmm….", Jiho menyentuh dagunya sendiri dengan telunjuknya sembari memikirkan jawaban atas pertanyaan Daehee. "Aku tak tahu….sepertinya ia termasuk ke dalam jenis buah", jawab Jiho sekenanya.

"Benarkah? Tapi kurasa ia tak cukup manis jika dikategorikan ke dalam jenis buah…entahlah…", ujar Daehee.

"Lagipula, apa pentingnya memikirkan identitas tomat? Tomat hanyalah sebuah tomat", ujar Jiho santai.

"Kau benar… tomat hanyalah sebuah tomat…lalu menurutmu bagaimana denganku?", tanya Daehee. Jiho terdiam mendengar pertanyaan Daehee. Keheningan sejenak menyeruak di antara mereka.

"Apa kau tak bisa menanyakan hal yang lainnya? Kau adalah kau dan tomat adalah tomat. Kalian adalah dua hal yang berbeda", ujar Jiho. Daehee tersenyum tipis mendengar jawaban Jiho.
“Tak seharusnya aku menanyakan hal itu padamu…karena kau sudah tahu jawabannya”, ujar Daehee.



realest thing I’ve seen in a while

this was so amazing. so thought provoking. an eye-opening social criticism.

Mind blowing

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Halo…it’s been so long since my last post….i only come here whenever my shoulders feel heavy. Coz i’m a trash can which needs to be emptied. Ibarat Kasarnya, Tong sampah yang butuh tempat sampah lagi yang lebih besar buat nampung isinya yang udah nggak ketampung. Since i don’t want to bother anyone else, so i’m just going to write it here……

How’s my life so far? It’s changed a lot….i finally become a teacher , a job that i actually want to avoid but here i am….working as a teacher haha…but i’m not regret it at all. I’ve met a lot of new people, got a lot of new experiences and many people say that i look more confident lately since i become a teacher. Thank you for all the compliments, i really appreciate it.
However, since i grow up and i get older, i just realised that things start to change. Life’s getting harder….at least for me. I’ve been trying to be a good listener to all of my friends and i’m still trying even untill right now. However at one point i realised that, i’ve never being listened by anyone else (or maybe it’s just me who’s being too sensitive) i don’t know…i really don’t know…..

Many of my friends trying to be a good listener for me and i really appreciate it…but, i always feel that it’s always me who ended up listen to their problems….i don’t know…i really don’t know and i really hate myself for being like this.

It’s like myself keeps telling me that i can handle everything by myself but deep down inside i realised i can’t being like this for the rest of my life…..i want people to listen to me…i want them to hear my story and why i’m being like this…i want them to understand me before they judge me based on what i do, what i say and what i post on social media…..However, on the other side i also realised that i can’t make everyone understand me…no matter what i do, what i what i say and what i post on social media, i will always being judged by the others….

I’m sorry for being selfish lately….i’m just an ordinary human. I have my limit. I’m only a trash can which needs to be emptied when it gets full… :’)

" I’ll gather my hands and pray So that my heart can be delivered

I believe it, I dream, that just like a fairy tale A dazzling world will come before us If I dream, if I see it, I’ll become happy I believe in miracles, I will always wait for a Happy ending” (Happy Ending, by Shin Jihoon)



i was expecting this to end in death and sadness and now i’m pleasantly surprised that was adorable

yes oh my god, me too, i thought they were going to find him shot and skinned or something but yay

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After watching “Reply1994”,
I want to find “my own Chilbong”.
I want to love and be loved by someone like Chilbong.
I won’t take his family issue lightly.
I won’t forget his birthday.
I won’t take him for granted.
I want to create a miracle with someone like Chilbong. ;_;

;____; <3


Yoo Yeon Seok + The North Face for High Cut


I guess some of us were like Chilbong in the past to have a unrequited love… 

So some of us want Chilbong to end up with his love. 

Thank you Answer Me staff for having another amazing drama! The ending really caught me off guard


you can never go wrong with that face.


I feel a bit broken about Chibonggie


I know it all ends okay  but seeing him crying at the baseball park made my heart break


I’m sorry guys, I just loved his character so much



I’m going to address this question that some viewers have posed: Why is Bingguere not gay?! I have read through Tumblr and realised that some have been rather angry at how the production crew have trolled them into believing that Bingguere was gay, and even with the red car as a trolling tool, thinking that Bingguere would end up with JoonHee (Reply1997) in the end. I too, thought that Bingguere could possibly be gay at the start, but I wasn’t certain. It was only when I watched Episode 16 and saw Joon Hee again that I realised (and certain) that Bingguere was not gay, and his relationship with Trash was just pure senior-junior or rather brothers.

What we already know: Joon Hee is gay. If we look carefully at this mere less than a minute on interaction between Joon Hee and Yoon Jae, we can tell that Joon Hee is very awkward and uncomfortable around Yoon Jae. Look at his facial expressions - he’s stiffened up, unable to look at Yoon Jae in the eye, and even stoning such that he didn’t even reply when Yoon Jae called his name twice. It’s the same if you compare his reactions to Na-jung’s! She was all shy and uncomfortable and not talking when Trash Oppa was hugging her in the first few episodes.

But we never saw that in Bingguere. Bingguere’s actions were ambiguous…..Click on above link to read more ^_^ Like and reblog if you enjoyed it!